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Colchicine 99% CAS No.: 64-86-8
Item Code: BOZ-BIO-001
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Product Name: Colchicine
CAS No.: 64-86-8
Purity: Colchicine 98%
Color: Light yellow crystal powder
Method of Tested: HPLCHerb Source: From the bulb of the Colchicum autumnale L.
Molecular Formula: C
Molecular Weight: 399.44

Main Function:

1. Colchicine powder has the function of anti-gout, anti-tumor, inhibiting the mitotic cell stopping in M phase.
2. Colchicine powder has the significant effects on breast cancer, cervical cancer, esophageal cancer, lung cancer,gastric cancer and chronic myelogenous leukemia.
3. Colchicine powder also can be used for acute gout, anti-inflammatory analgesic.

1) Light yellow crystal. Smellless, will change dark yellow when exposed to the light.
2) Solubility: 1g Colchicine solved in 22ml water, in 220ml aethers or 100ml benzene, Sparing soluble in alcohols and chloroform. Insoluble in petroleum ether.
3) Optical rotation -250
°(c=1, alcohol)

13C NMR : Predict

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